Call-Center Jobs That Pay $100K a Year

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The first question that may have rose is WHAT? How come? But the truth is yes. An American based company iQOr has been paying high to its employer to gain efficient work force. iQOr is the fastest growing business process outsourcing company in the world.

Many American companies have been drawing the outsourced work back home as the employment rate is falling. Though the maximum percentage of work is still outsourced, it is a tough competition for iQOr to be paying high wages to its employees. But iQOr has been pulling large revenues:

Consider iQor, a call center and business process outsourcing company based in Columbus, Ohio, that’s increased revenues at a 40% clip for the past four years. It’s done this primarily by expanding its U.S. operations. IQor also gives its U.S. employees universal health insurance, and pays salaries and bonuses that are nearly 50% above industry norms.

IQor’s services include customer management and other call-center work. The company also handles financial services and industry-specific tasks. IQor has big-name clients in finance, media, and telecom including Capital One (COF), the BBC, DirecTV (DTV), and MetroPCS Communications (PCS).

source: business week

The strategies of iQOr is not only high pay, but also providing health insurance and career path guidance to its employees. Further, they have highly optimized their hiring process by employing labor economist and a psychologist to build a screening and aptitude test to find the best prospects for working in a call center. This has greatly increased the retention of the employee. By such strategies the company has been able to create a great work force.

IQor, on the other hand, has 12 locations in the U.S. that house nearly half its 11,000 employees, including in such all-American cities as Columbus, Buffalo, and Greensboro, N.C. It also has operations in Canada, India, the Philippines, and Britain.

The best of iQor’s front-line call-center workers make more than $100,000 per year, and that’s not a typo. During the past four years, iQor added nearly 3,000 jobs in the U.S., making it the company’s fastest growing region. IQor CEO Vikas Kapoor took an industry that’s viewed as a lemon and has made lemonade.

source: business week

This is a very ironic as it means lots of investment on the employees which is not the general notion of many outsourced companies. But giving employees priority has been a known dogma for success, which many companies have neglected. If we want to harness the power of human work force than employees must be given equal priority as the goal of the company.


  1. Your Comments
    I’m in Canada, have done intensive telemarketing in the past and am VERY interested in learning where the Canadian operation is located.

    With call centers it’s not uncommon for employees to work from home also – is this the method they incorporate?
    Very curious, thanks for posting!

  2. deep says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    You may want to look into the following link:

    This might help you.


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