Yahoo in the social media battle…Upgrading to be the largest social network!!!!

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Earlier this year Yahoo Inc. had planned to make its site a social hub  by hosting applications from other online services. Throwing down the gauntlet for open social graph the company has now upgraded a slew of communication features to make its site stickier.

Yahoo! announced a series of upgrades to its communications products Monday, including more capacity for e-mail attachments, photo editing inside e-mail and better connection to outside applications. Both mail and messenger have design features that keep the user aware of what everyone in her network of contacts is doing–either through status updates, what they have said on the outside Twitter service or activities they may have elsewhere in yahoo! E-mail also allows for “statuscasting”–describing to your friends what you are doing–whenever you log into mail.

With all these social-connection features, plus some 250 million registered e-mail users, 20 million mobile messaging users and 16 languages to choose from in messenger, Yahoo! may be able to claim that it is now the world’s largest social network. Read more.

The social networks in the future will be like air and with the breeze blowing the Yahoo way the social graph of its members will carve great heights. Think about all relationships expressed in address books, messenger buddy lists and most importantly yahoo mail flow and now your complete social status throughout  Yahoo.

Yahoo had been undergoing a makeover to have element of social network from past few months.  Ari Balogh, Yahoo’s CTO at Web 2.0 Conference in April had stated “We are not creating yet another social network. We are going to rewire the entire Yahoo experience to make it social in every dimension.” We experimented with social for a while. We don’t think of social as the destination. We think of social as the dimension.” Source.

With all upgrading process for creating social dimensions this is not Yahoo’s first attempt in the field. Back in 2005 yahoo had launched a social network site called ‘360’ which closed down as it could not catch on for long. In 2007 yahoo had also offered to buy  Facebook  for  $1 billion , a deal that did not click.

Well how the mail integration rolls out especially being able to implicitly map out my relationships would be interesting to know. That is because I don’t use Yahoo, I use Gmail. Will Yahoo enable me to reach Gmail with its APIs ? May be it does.  I would be equally  fervent to know how the other players like Google, Microsoft, My space and Facebook answer to the challenge that Yahoo has set down.

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