Facebook and twitter- Tug of war

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There has been an ongoing battle between the most popular Social Networking Site and the fastest growing Microblogging site for some time now. While some might argue that they both belong to differnt forms of Social Media and any comparison between the two is insignificant. Still there have been numerous occassions where one has tried copying the other and the fight for numero uno continues.

There is absolutely no doubt that Facebook has a huge user base but the rate at which Twitter is growing could be alarming. They both function in different ways and have their own way of keeping their users glued. According to Alexa, Facebook has an 27.9 min/day average time on site whereas Twitter has only 8.1 min/day. This is quite obvious cause most people use third party tool for tweeting and end up spending very little time on the actual site.

There has been a lot of discussion from teens preference of Facebook over Twitter to Men are from Facebook and Women are from Twitter. Lets have a look at the some graphs from Alexa and see how the demographics differ across the two Social Media sites. The representation below is the site usage relative to the general internet population.

Facebook_Twitter_ageTwitter has a better apeal than Facebook to the age group 25-44 and it loses out severely in the age group 18-24.

Its quite evident that Twitter doesnt really apeal to the younger generation who find Social networking on Facebook much more alluring then wasting their time tweeting. The same reasoning is also responsible for ‘School’ not being a browsing location at all for Twitter.


Ofcourse one interesting thing to note is that Relative to the general internet population, people browsing from work are over represented in Twitter.

Have you ever wondered which level of education gets more attracted to either of these sites. Whether graduates like to spend their time on Twitter or Facebook.

facebook_twitter_educationTwitter certainly is clear winner with Graduates.


With respect to Gender,  both the social media sites have low impact on women as compared to men with respect to their general internet use. Twitter seems to score better than Facebook as far as men are concerned.

Both these sites have their pluses in different demographics and are winners in their own field. To declare one better than the other is completely a personal choice and is purely based on which site you spend most of your time on.

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