Google announces Analytics updates

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Recent news from Google had pointed out that page rank will not be as important as it used to be in the past. This may be a turning point in search engine optimization field. Every SEO expert uses google analytics to measure performance of the site. Web parameters like Pageviews, Visits are among the most used variables. But on Tuesday, Google annouced that google analytics will be coming with new features for the enterprise class user.

Here are the new updates which will be coming soon.

1. Engagement Goals : Allows you to measure user’s engagement and branding success.

2. Expand Mobile Reporting : As mobile users have increased and are more than PC users, tracking your site’s performance from mobile user have become important. Hence, google analytivs have made it possible to track visits from mobile by adding server side code snippet to your mobile website. Mobile doesn’t have to be java enabled.

3. Advanced Analysis Features : This adds an extra feature of filtering the table by making your analysis easier. Right now it only has a way to arrange into ascending or descending order. But the new feature will allow user to apply complex filters to the data.

4. The other area where google analytics is going  to enhance is in Custom Reporting.

We’re adding multiple custom variables to the tracking API and making it easy to share Custom Reports and Advanced Segments.

5. Intelligence : The system will track any anomalous changes and point out to user. This alert system will prevent you from missing vital points of analytics report. Basically, there are two types of alerting, one is automatic and the other is custom where user will define the alert conditions.

If you want to know on more detail of feature, please check this post.


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