Google prevents you from sending embarrassing mails.

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How often have you pressed the “SEND” button in your mail client and hit your head cause you sent to wrong person. Ya that happens quite a time when you are in hurry or the name gets mismatched. Do you think such things can be avoided, human errors are infamous for being tolerant to any measures. But Google doesn’t think so. Yesterday Google launched a feature in its Lab which is just the thing that will prevent such embarrassment.

SAN FRANCISCO — Google on Tuesday added an embarrassment-avoidance tool that catches misdirected Gmail messages before they are fired off by users of the free Web-based email service.

A feature playfully dubbed “Got the wrong Bob?” is designed to warn people if it appears they may be about to send a Gmail message to an unintended recipient, according to Google engineers Ari Leichtberg and Yossi Matias.

source: Google

Inorder to enable this feature, check your settings in gmail.


But how does GMAIL know when you made mistake?

Well, we know one of the core strength of Google is its power over data. By allowing this feature you are allowing gmail to track your behavior of how often you mail particular person so that when you are going out of your normal way, you get warned. Just brilliant.

There is one more feature called “Got the wrong Bob” which actually prevent you from making mistakes when you have duplicate names.

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