OpenOffice and WarMouse launches 18 programmable button mouse

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If you are an open office fan, you would love to hear this one. An open source mouse has been developed by WarMouse in collaboration with community. The corded point and clicker mouse has been designed for the OpenOffice suite users. openoffice_mouse

The mouse has 18 programmable buttons which can be double clicked and a regular scroll wheel. The best part about the mouse is its built in memory of 512K and support for about 60 separate configuration.

Adding to the devices overall appeal is the ability to not only make OpenOffice users lives easier, but equally cater to the gaming crowd. The OpenOfficeMouse can make light work of various gaming hits, including popular titles like World Of Warcraft and Call Of Duty. Mouse designer, Theodore Beale detailed that “you can do far more with this mouse than most people are likely to realize at first”.

Though there has been no update on when the mouse would be made available, its supposed to be priced at $74.99

Source: Yahoo! Tech




    OpenOffice has nothing to do with this and they have repeatedly asked WarMouse to stop claiming an affiliation. The guy from WarMouse behind that scheme is Theodore Beale. A few years ago he got his newspaper owning father to run favorable reviews of his previous (now failed) company. He also goes by Vox Day. Google either name to find out more about the guy. He tries to leech off others’ popularity.

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