Bill Gates joins Twitter : Already 104,914 followers

by on January 20th, 2010 1

A remarkable event, I should say, because you would not expect people like Bill Gates to suddenly jump on the band wagon of Twitter. The most remarkable thing is that within the time frame of 8 hrs, he received 104,914 followers and got listed in 3156 lists. Obvious isn’t it, he is Bill Gate.

Now some may say that celebrities have an easy way to get followers due to their media presence, but I remember what Guy Kawasaki said in one of his events at Bangalore, when asked about increasing followers. He said, “You might think it was easy for me to get more followers being a celebrity, but it actually took me more than 20 years to reach that stage.” So when persona like Bill Gates join the Twitter, its obvious for people to follow him.

But I assume that he is here for a reason and not for self promotion like other celebrities. I don’t think he is in the Twitter even for business, why would the richest man in the world suddenly join the poor man’s email (as mentioned by Google long time back).

Recent, incident in Haiti have allowed people to observe the power of social media. Social Networking sites is a boon to any kinds of social foundation works and its the best way to get people to donate and take part on it. Twitter Campaigns for Haiti have collected more capital than in any other previous online campaigns.

Bill Gates initial tweets demonstrate it clearly, how he is going to use it. His main aim seems to focus his Gates Foundation (A Social Service Platform). Success would entirely depend upon his quality of tweets and how he would be handling replies from people.

You can follow him here.

Image Source : Inspiration101