Google Buzz is brilliant, Facebook just lost half its value.

by on February 11th, 2010

Here is an excerpt from  Jason Calacanis, CEO at According to him Google Buzz 1.0 is a better product than the seven-year old Facebook.  Following are the exact excerpts from his mail.

From: Jason Calacanis
Date: Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 1:42 PM
Subject: BREAKING: Google Buzz is brilliant, Facebook just lost half its value.

BREAKING: Google Buzz is brilliant. Like ground-breaking, game-changing brilliant.

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My 30 second review of Google Buzz:

1. Google Buzz 1.0 is better than Facebook after six or seven years.

2. Facebook’s history is one filled with stealing other people’s innovations and doing them better (i.e. Zuckerberg has stolen every idea Evan Williams and the Twitter team have released). How ironic now that Google has out “Facebooked” Facebook. Google

3. Google has excellent privacy record and Facebook is a disaster. Most folks do not trust Zuckerberg and Facebook any more because of their privacy record (filled with lawsuits) and because they steal every good idea they see (i.e. Twitter’s innovations and FourSquare’s
checking in).

4. Google Buzz auto generates your network–this is MUCH better process than Facebook’s.

5. Google Buzz is way faster than the sluggish Facebook–this is a HUGE advantage.

6. Google Buzz puts relies and updates into your GMAIL as threads–this is BRILLIANT and a HUGE advantage.

P.S : All the reviews and Criticsms are from Jason’s perspectieve though I do share some of them … lets see how people adopt Buzz but for the time being I am loving the Buzzzzzzzzzzz.

Keep Buzzn…