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Kindle revolutionized the world of ebook readers. While many had doubts about its success when it was launched first, Kindle proved everyone wrong by becoming the most sought after ebook reader. Critics had written Kindle down on teh first day itself citing the high price as a reason. Of-course they were proven wrong more than once. Kindle grew to be one of the biggest success stories for Amazon as Kindle ebook sales surpassed the paper book sales last Christmas.

The portable ebook reader has even found a place among those who despised reading any thing but paper books. If you are an avid reader and have given Kindle a try, you are sure to love it.

The e-books can be downloaded from a number of sites for free and there are many which cater to the Kindle market as well. To help you with sites where you can download free e-books for your kindle, I have listed them down for you. Some of them offer you a wide range of books while some offer only a limited number. To my surprise, most of the sites have not been updated for a long time but they let you download the books none the less.
So the next time you don’t want to pay for the ebook for Kindle, try one of the below sources:


What can be a better source to find books for Kindle than on Amazon itself. Though most of the books here are paid, they do offer a limited range of free books.

It lets you find the books on Amazon in the easiest way possible. When looking for free books, you can just select the category from the sidebar and select the criteria for a free book and you will be presented with the available books.

Completely dedicated to Kindle books, the site offers more than 1000 books to download from. There is a very huge collection of classic books to choose from.


It has a huge collection of free ebooks which can be browsed through category. The compatibility with Kindle is mentioned next to the description.

Project Gutenberg

The site has over 3000 books compatible with a high range of devices. Most of the books offered are Kindle compatible and available for free.

The site offers more than 1000′s of free ebooks to choose from. You can also publish and share your own contents here.

A real good collection of books that comes with a subscription of a year.

A real cool search engine for free ebooks. You can search books for Kindle and other reading devices as well.

Internet Archive

One of the largest collection of ebooks, this site offers a huge range of books to choose from for your Kindle.

Owned by Amazon, the sites lets you find the books from the free ebooks section.

They have huge collection of free ebooks to choose from while the ebooks for Kindle are limited in number. The books are sorted by different categories.

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  1. Globinch says:

    Cool.. Thanks for sharing these sites details

  2. Sweta Sharma says:

    Thanks Globinch, glad you liked it.

  3. Anna Cox says:

     There is also good source of free Kindle books on

  4. Anna Cox says:

    There is also good source of free Kindle books on 


  5. I have to check out these sites. Thanks.

  6. Thank you so much. I have just been given my Kindle as a present and was very confused about which books were free. Now I can start reading!!!!

  7. thankyou for the listings. I received my Kindle Fire two weeks ago and have read five books so far. Love it, Love it, Love it.

  8. when we got our daughter on, I searched amazon for free and 99 cent kindle downloads.
    Here is a list I came up with for kids books.

  9. Kate Mathis says:

    Living Lies by Kate Mathis is FREE On Amazon for Kindle until 02/15/12.

    1. Kate Mathis says:

      We’re trying something new! For two days Living Lies is a free Kindle download! If you’re interested NOW is the time. Tell your friends or download it for your Valentine! Happy reading. @[100000177032820:2048:Kate Mathis]

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    thanks a million =D

  11. Im a very proud owner, better than the Sony reader I have.

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    we are building a website to share free kindle books, pls visit

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