MySpace Pushes Content Discovery Ahead of Social Networking

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I know there are very few people who would like to know what MySpace is upto these days as the social networking site has been by far wiped out from the social media arena. But the News Corp. is no mood to accept the fate and is still clinging on to positive hopes to get back in the field with some refreshed looks and refined features to its website.


With a new tag line “Discover and be Discovered,” MySpace has redirected its market strategies now aiming at content discovery and recommendations keeping the social networking second on the priority list. To be more precise the main idea is to keep users involved and wanting to come back to  MySpace more often by bringing new stuff to explore on the site.

The change and the shift in this direction were discussed at a meeting last week at company’s headquarters in Los Angeles. News Corp’s Digital Chief Jon Miller along with co-presidents Mike Jones and Jason Hirschorn highlighted the company’s commitment to MySpace and said that the focus of the company would be tightly centered around improving the discovery tools across each part of the site.

“There will not be one massive product launched which make the site more recommendation focussed – it will happen across all the verticals in smaller steps.”

MySpace has been making the efforts in the same direction by adding more content to its ‘stream’ feed that allowed users to do lot more than writing status updates. This enables users to view things like music their friends are listening to on MySpace Music, video they’re watching, links they are adding and so on. Facebook has something like this from a long time but MySpace has all the more big plans in mind.

MySpace’s ability to help people discover content and material they will genuinely like can set it apart from Facebook. It is trying to make the site have more of a pulse.”

MySpace efforts all point to the burning desire of its parent company to rescue its child gasping for last breaths. And why not? MySpace did at one time lead the bandwagon of social networking until Facebook made its way into the industry. Interesting but not a very novel idea as to how its laying down its cards. But will this discovery help MySpace heal its bleeding wounds of dying user base ? I guess we know the answer!

Source: Telegraph

Image credit:, bailoutthepeople

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