Google Rolls Out A Privacy Reset For Buzz

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Google Buzz as we all know din’ really impress anybody initially and its privacy settings drew much criticism from the social media users and security pundits. The auto follow feature just din’t work right for the users of this new social networking service and Google bought several changes within four days of the launch. Well things have been pretty well since then and users have now accustomed the way they can buzz around in the Inbox. Tweaking up the privacy settings further, Google has now  rolled out a privacy reset from today , that aims to fortify your control over Buzz.

The Buzz users will now be able to see their privacy settings and confirm whether they meet their needs sufficiently or not. The users will be able to see their current settings, websites users are connected to, and who they are following or being followed by, prompting the user to make the changes if necessary.


Google had earlier removed its auto follow feature and had also removed the feature of automatically connecting to publically available Picasa Web Albums and Google Reader shared items. This new step now may boost up its use amongst those refraining from the service owning to the flak it accumulated in the beginning.

Whether this update is enough to keep the privacy authorities and FTC investigators satisfied or not, we cannot say as of now. But it definitely brings Buzz towards a positive side of the spectrum and as Google gets more conscious about the privacy of its users, who knows it might just catch on the facebook and Twitter craze. But that’s too soon to predict.

There hasn’t been any formal announcement on any of the official blogs and unfortunately I haven’t been too lucky to receive the update but hope to see it soon on my screen. But those of you who already have, do share your views about the new changes.

Image Credits : Mashable

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