Twitter Rolls Out Beta Testing For its new ‘Business Center’

by on May 11th, 2010

Twitter has outgrown its horizons immensely from the 140 character microblogging site to a major and a viable business hub. Taking another step in the direction, it is reported that they are now testing their new business feature called the Business Center by rolling out a beta version to some of the businesses.

According to the sources, the businesses will now get a chance to try out the



new features that are aimed to enhance their commerce through the site. Company says that initially, only a few selected ones will be lucky enough to have these new features integrated to their accounts but that will be followed to other accounts soon in some time. So thinking what are these new changes?

To begin with, Twitter Business Center brings a customizable content page where business accounts and Business Info will allow a company to change the information that it submitted during initial registration. The next is the Verification tab that will bring more authentication and thus business security to brands and organizations. Labeled as Contributors the third feature adds multiple users to a business account. Last but not the least is the very interesting and  useful element that will allow the businesses to accept direct messages from any of their followers, regardless of whether they follow that person or not. This would help them interact directly with their customers and receive feedback to boost their business practices, standards and services.

Twitter has currently sent a mail to a small group of business users with a link to activate the business features for their accounts. So those of you who havn’t had any word so far, may have to wait for now.  Or you may also check out your account settings to look for a new tab called “Business” incase you feel you may have skipped the notification.

Via Mashable