World without Engineers [Pictures]

by on May 8th, 2010 19

World without Electronics engineers


World without Mechanical Engineers


World without Civil Engineers


World without Communication Engineers


World without Computer Engineers


World without Aeronautical Engineers


World without Electrical Engineers


Note: I received these pictures through a viral email and would like to give due credit to original creators of the pictures, Agilent technologies FunAndfunonly


HA HA HA…. Hilarious !!! :D

May 8, 201012:34 pm

Really awesome :)

May 8, 20107:29 pm

Yeah Engineers rock, now I am imagining world without MBAs; someone tell me why they are needed? :P

May 8, 20107:42 pm

Ha ha ha,…… really awesome thoughts

May 8, 20108:26 pm

Superb…Now as an engineering I am feeling proud….awesome work

May 8, 201010:18 pm

Oh Nice picture. Realy without engineers the current world is walk less cause i am a engineer too.

May 9, 20107:37 pm

hey superb image…. just thing with out mba… bcoz am mba student!!!

May 9, 20108:10 pm