Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1 released – download and send your feedback

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It’s released! You can now download Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1, test it and send your valuable suggestions to shape it to a full-fledged commercial product. This Beta 1 will give you the first impression of the new Firefox with more Beta versions in pipe. According to a media report, you may expect a new Firefox 4 Beta on every two to three weeks for next couple of weeks.

In an appeal to software users and developers, Mozilla has requested to send them after-use feedbacks so that they can implement those observations and suggestions in their final product. Once you download Firefox 4 Beta 1, automatically you become a part of the Beta program and become eligible to receive regular updates from Mozilla.

For Windows PCs, the browser brings an-all new look with greater flexibility to explore your web content. You will see tabs here are shifted at the top allowing you to have greater control on the tools in your browser. In case of Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you will find only a single Firefox button in place of lengthy Menu bar. This is done basically to make the browser compatible with the design of these two Windows platforms. The beta will support WebM format too.

The beta offers a series of new useful tools and features such as New Add-Ons Manager to manage Add-Ons, Themes and Plugins; HD Video permitting to enjoy HD-quality HTML5 video on YouTube; Crash Protection allowing to resume browsing simply by refreshing a crashed plugin session; Enhanced privacy; and Improved performance.

You can download the Firefox 4 Beta 1 from here.

There will be much more to test in future beta releases and not everything that you see in this beta is guaranteed to be in Firefox 4. That’s why we need your feedback to help shape Firefox 4. To make it easier to give feedback, Firefox 4 Beta includes a new Feedback Add-On. Any time you run across something you like or don’t like, just click the Feedback button and tell us about it.  The Add-On also includes Mozilla Labs’ Test Pilot, and will ask you to take part in anonymous studies.  You can choose to opt-out of any or all studies by managing your settings in the Feedback button (no data will be sent to Mozilla without your permission),” says Mozilla Press Center.

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