New Photo Tagging Feature on Facebook to Select Your Friends

by on July 2nd, 2010 1

If “tagging” friends in a photo is a tedious task for you, Facebook has found a solution, a faster and an easier way to tag photographs after you have uploaded them. All you need to do is answer the Facebook prompt, “Whose face is this?” The feature is the first of many more exciting features to come in Facebook Photos. It is a result of a number of tests on face detection technology and users can start using it today. Currently, the feature lets users upload photos and manually tag their friends upon clicking on the photo.

With the face detection technology (which works on the same lines as digital cameras), Facebook will automatically find faces in photos and select them to tag them. This feature is a great option for Facebook users who upload photos with a number of friends and have to tag each of them separately. Friends are selected by the software and with the answer to the Facebook prompt, the tags are saved. With this, users don’t need to select a face as it already selected for them in a similar way as they tag it. Users will notice the rectangles around faces just as they would when they click photos with a digital camera.

The official blog on the Facebook website by Sam Odio states that they are running a limited test of this technology so many users may not see it yet. It reveals that ninety-nine percent of people using Facebook have uploaded at least one photo. And, more than 100 million photos are uploaded every day. That seems to be the reason for the current and upcoming features for the Photos section. The post also states that the tagging feature is just the start of improvements Facebook is trying out. What’s in store? Lot of new features on browsing, uploading and tagging!