Google App for iPhone gets Push Notifications

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Google has just tweaked up its mobile app for iPhone with a new feature of push notifications. Users will now be able to receive push notifications for Gmail and Google Calendar right to their iPhone.

As announced on the company blog , an icon badge will now appear  beside the Google app to notify about a  new mail in Gmail, and Google Calendar event reminders will be displayed right on the home screen. Here are a few snapshots of how they will shown.

Push notification had been one of the long desired feature on Gmail with its rivals Yahoo Mail and Apple’s MobileMe  already offering it to its users. iPhone users could however get these notifications using the built-in iPhone mail application but  required users to set up Google account as an Exchange ActiveSync account that offered a compromised functionality.

Google has also brushed up some of its features that would help users to access information like  flight info, weather, stock quotes or currency conversion, faster or in Google’s words “see answers before you even hit ‘Search’.”

The update is available in the App Store where users can grab it by searching for Goggle Mobile App.

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