Google Gobbles up Mobile Social Game Developer SocialDeck

by on August 31st, 2010

Google has quietly added SocialDeck , the mobile game developer to its team with terms of the deal still undisclosed. SocialDeck has earned its recognition in the industry offering simultaneous game play across multiple mobile devices and social networks like iPhones, BlackBerry devices and via Facebook.

We’re super excited to announce that someone found our social games as fun as you have–in this case, that ‘someone’ is Google,” the company wrote. “SocialDeck has been acquired and we’ve joined the Google team.

The interesting aspect to the buyout isn’t the gaming segment but a social media flavor to the recipe. SocialDeck has created mobile games, such as Pet Hero, and Shake and Spell, using a “social-gaming platform technology” developed by the company. These games exhibit social-networking features that include a page that displays other friends currently playing the game, a leader board and statistics of friends’ gaming performance. Players can also post comments in a stream similar to instant messaging.

We were very impressed with the team’s talent as well as the technically advanced platform engaging mobile experiences they’ve built,” Google said in a statement. The team will work in partnership with Google staff in Waterloo, Ontario, Google said.
This marks Google’s 5th acquisition this month that also include the very recent buyout of two other social-gaming companies Slide and Jambool. With SocialDeck down the throat, Google is definitely planning something big in the social media space with Facebook as its prime rival. Apparently, the search giant hasn’t taken the failure of its social networking initiative- Buzz, too well.  And with Facebook now becoming the invincible king of the social media world, it doesn’t seem in any mood of losing the battle so soon.

Facebook who currently scoops out a significant portion of the social networking market also owes its success to a vivid variety of apps and games that form a part of its social media experience. Trading with a same model and strategy, Google aims to make a direct assault to the popular site. Slide being a social game developer, with SocialDeck falling on similar grounds and Jambol being the developer of platform for managing online payment for virtual goods sold on gaming and social-networking sites, things look right in place with all the balls in Google’s court.

Do you think Google will succeed this time? Will Facebook finally have the most potent rival in the social media industry? Do share your views with us.

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