Apple Setting Up Holiday Target For iPad?

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Apple’s iPad will be launched at the budget retail chain Target on October 3rd, going by a report at the Engadget. Which means the tablet’s maker is probably looking to expand the iPad’s retail presence just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Now, this speculation is based on pictures sent by a ‘tipster’, including one which shows a product appearing on a Target PDA with prices matching that of an iPad i.e. $599. But this, going by the reputation of Target as a discount store, is a little hard to believe. Especially, as the iPad has been around for a few months now and some competitors are expected to launch their products in time for the holiday season too.

The noteworthy competitors to iPad in the coming months are Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Notion Ink’s Adam. Both of these tablets are based on the popular Android platform and have several things that are currently missing in the iPad like inbuilt cameras, support for Adobe Flash and among others, an unrestricted access to applications (Apple is notorious for censoring all sorts of material – ranging from political satire to swimsuit-clad women – and also for banning apps that provide functions such as free tethering and customization of the operating system).

But all this makes sense if Apple is planning on offering the iPad at a significant discount around Thanksgiving and Black Friday. And then follow it up by launching the newer models of iPad at a higher cost in the late holiday season. Now that this handy tablet has already proven its popularity with its user-friendly, touchscreen interface and long battery life, a decent discounted offering on the $599 price label will make it all the more attractive to small businesses and to anyone thinking of using the tablet.

Since Apple has been so quiet about its future product launches – various rumours about swankier, tinier iPads with OLED screens and more memory notwithstanding – let see how its Target strategy turns out.

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