MySpace Now Offers Sync with Facebook Profiles, Pages

by on September 1st, 2010 5

When you can’t defeat the enemy, befriend him. This is the new strategy apparently adopted by the much struggling social networking site, MySpace. While the site has already tried hard to emulate Facebook in its new interface, MySpace users will now be able to sync their status updates with their Facebook profile or Page, along with sharing content with their friends on Facebook.

According to the announcement on the official blog, Sync with Facebook will allow users to keep their friends on Facebook up to date on everything that include sharing songs, latest photos, fun game apps, and more.

As explained by the developer team, “when a user adds a game on MySpace, it will now be broadcasted to that users’ Facebook friends in their Facebook stream.  Users who click on the stream activity within Facebook are taken to the game’s profile page on MySpace so that logged in and non-logged in users can see the content.”

Follow three simple steps to sync your MySpace profile with Facebook:

  • Click on the settings box in the update module on your Home page
  • Check the box next to Facebook or Twitter (or both!)
  • Follow the steps prompted to sync your accounts
  • Done! Your updates will now automatically sync.

For the time being, MySpace will only offer syncing game install activity, but will soon add more gaming related activities with the Facebook stream. MySpace already enables users to sync their Twitter accounts with the site, to allow posting  updates on MySpace through Twitter and vice versa.

The unprecedented popularity of Facebook has deeply wounded the user base as well the advertising revenue of MySpace. The social network has thus been driving measures (efforts that haven’t materialized so far) to keep up with the changing trends, and is on a continuous  expedition of revamping the site for offering more enhanced experience to its users.


Wow, incredible. Its about time of of them did that because most people I know use both.

September 2, 20101:30 pm

Wow… people still use myspace?

September 2, 20103:55 pm