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If you are a serious social media user or an SME who takes social media very seriously,you will agree with me that managing your presence and running a sustained campaign on different social media platforms is a big task and takes some doing. The intricacies of managing updates,painstakingly growing and nurturing a network and last but not the least,keeping spammers at bay are all very time consuming tasks.There are times when one wishes there was a magic wand to help us with that.Guess what? there is a cool tool that cn do all this and do it efficiently for you.It is a tool called Haklus.

What I liked was the fact that Haklus allows user to add more than one Twitter profile making it easier to manage them. A user can even associate different social networking profiles from facebook, myspace and linkedin to user’s single twitter profile. This makes adding different and multiple profiles easier and effective.It is very different from a lot of tools that promise the world and deliver just basic functionality.

The interface is very intuitive and feels natural.Using it,users can create and start simple social media marketing campaign to different social networking sites easily. Users can even upload the campaign in excel sheets and feed it to the system easily.They can also track the results of the campaign easily through Haklus’s monitoring system.That makes the fine art of campaign management very easy and enjoyable,just a few clicks and you are set.

My favorite time saving feature was the nifty way in which a user can track who shares similar interests by monitoring the keywords they tweet.The other useful features  are the ability handle follow back  very easily and without manual effort.Anytime I want,I can get nifty reports that tell me how I am doing in a lot of useful ways with relevant data.It certainly saves a lot of time in these areas where I otherwise would have to spend manual cycles.

The biggest pain that any person on twitter has is the spam that floats around in DMs.Haklus has a useful DM filter feature that can be used to filter out spam messages and get to only the real and valid DMs.That is a big win for power tweeps with high follower counts.

The ability to add other networks like Facebook,LinkedIn,MySpace etc easily to your campaign means that this tool helps in all platforms and not restricted to just twitter alone.A full blown social media management tool in all respects.

The fact that you can schedule updates to all these networks and monitor your schedules from one place gives you full control over your campaign.The way the various streams that a user sees  are visualized in columns.These columns help in interaction and network management.You can analyze your followers trend and see the effects of your tweets on your following.All reports can be downloaded as excel sheets at any time for further offline analysis and strategy changes

Overall,it is a very useful tool with a lot of value addition for people who are serious about Social Media as an enabler and a campaign manager online.It has everything that one would wish for.


This is actually amazing. Our family run a business and a fair bit of our marketing goes into fb, twitter, and linkedin. This make sending out campaigns quite easy.

October 7, 20104:53 am

True. Haklus can be utilized as a fully feature social media control and management tool

May 11, 20119:22 am