Having a positive twitter image

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Twitter has grown by leaps and bounds .This seemingly simple micro blogging platform has now become a tool that serves many purposes that were not even thought of when it was conceived.People use twitter to find,validate and sometimes verify a lot of things.Firms use a person’s tweets as an important tool to judge his/her abilities and personality.The number and frequency of tweets has also become a talking point that carries a lot of weight in assessing a person’s credibility.So,it is imperative that we have positive twitter images in the massively connected world that we live in.Let us try and study this in detail.

What is a twitter image ?A twitter image,very much like your image in the real world,is how other people on twitter perceive you.Put very shortly,it is the public definition of you on twitter.There are many things that go into the making of one’s twitter image

The first and clearly most important factor that you need to consider is your twitter profile.Your profile needs to make people believe that you are a genuine person with no malafide intentions for being on twitter.So,remember to write a very crisp and unambiguous bio.The bio is your first marketing and impression building tool.Take time and put in enough cycles to write it.Avoid saying things like follow me or implying some monetary gains to your followers.Talk about yourself and be done with it.Do not make it terse and cliched.

The next factor is that try and avoid hiding behind anonymity as much as possible.Put your own picture on your profile and be ready to be credited for and accountable for whatever you say.That adds a lot of value to your image.If you are hiding behind anonymity and saying whatever pleases you,your profile may garner attention,but not credibility.Credibility is what counts ultimately.Think about your reaction to a voice that you can hear in a corner of a road,but cannot see who it is,would you lend an ear for long to the voice? That is the point that I am trying to convey here.

Another important thing is for you to decide your stand on important issues and state them upfront.Once that is done,stick to your stand and hold to your guns.People who keep taking stance leaps are not considered very trustworthy.While on this topic,also remember that radical stances and statements are at best kept to yourself and avoided on platforms like twitter.A wingnut is the last thing that you want to be seen as.

If you have a bio that says you are an expert at something,you better be.People will come to you for help and expect that you can point them to the right direction.If it becomes apparent that you are not what you claim to be,the results can then be unpredictable and almost always undesirable.

It is always a good idea to abstain from opinions or thoughts that are personal in nature.Most people get carried away and tend to forget that twitter is NOT and IM platform.Ultimately,everyone can see whatever you say to anyone.It is worthwhile to always hold this thought at the back of your mind.

Expletives and innuendo are both very big no-no items.Both or any of these can get the wrong message about you out to the world and that message stays on in the cache of many a search engine.When you are emotional or angry,try and abstain from posting anything.That always helps.

Build a good and credible network of friends and always strive to be seen as part of that circle.You are known by the company you keep and that is true even for twitter.When you are hanging around and socializing with controversial folks,you are also thought of as one.

The list above is just a set of thoughts on building a positive twitter image and are in no way exhaustive or definitve.I would love to hear from you about what you think and possibly add to this list that I have compiled for you.


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