StumbleUpon Tops in Social Media Traffic, Not Facebook

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According to Statcounter data, StumbleUpon accounted for about 43% of the US social media traffic on January 1, while Facebook accounted for about 38%. StumbleUpon has beaten Facebook as the No. 1 source for social media traffic in the US; the news was posted by StumbleUpon founder and Chief Garrett Camp on his Twitter account.

Statcounter apparently tracks about 15 billion page views on the Web per month on more than three million websites. Especially in social media segment, it trails the top seven websites, are StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Myspace and Digg. In the early April 2010, Statcounter stated that Stumbleupon was consistently in the top two social media sites in terms of generating large amount of traffic in the US, in fact bypassing Facebook back in March 2010 by over 10%. Quite interestingly, since in the same period 2010, StumbleUpon made up nearly 30% of the traffic, while Facebook had 48%.

Forbes reported a remarkable story of StumbleUpon’s success: that a site its size (13 million users) can still manage to beat Facebook’s 500 million users. However, the numbers reflected here don’t reflect actual traffic to StumbleUpon’s site; rather, it’s the traffic it brings to other websites that these figures describe. (Via Forbes)

StumbleUpon is like discovery engine that finds the best pages of the web, recommended to each unique user. It allows users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using peer-sourcing and social-networking principles.
Previously, In July 2006, StumbleUpon had 1 million users. StumbleUpon claims to have more than 8,772,000 members as of Dec 2009. StumbleUpon said that before the end of May 2008, it would have collected its five-billionth “stumble”, more than one billion of which would have taken place in 2008 alone. Recently, StumbleUpon also launched its iPhone app to ensure the presence in Gadgets segment also. It will too boost the in between surging traffics.  

New Source: FORBES, Image: StatCounter


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