First Nokia Windows Mobile Pics Released

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As the Nokia – Microsoft partnership is officially admitted, the stage is set for more action on the mobile OS front, and the latest news is that the concept designs of Windows 7 phones have begun to make appearance online.

Just within hours after Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft Chief executive Steve Ballmer announced in London, on the new partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, leaked photos of the concept designs of futuristic mobile phones  were posted online and the appearance of these photos online is indication of the planned strategy of the preparations for the joint operation.

The very first look gives you the idea of these concept phones, by their impressive looks. Though they are very attractive in shape, look and colors, but don’t forget that these are just concept designs, with no specs of hardware or capabilities or even release dates.

But one thing is sure; Nokia and Microsoft plans are heading towards providing Mobiles with classy, slim, sexy and colorful smartphones to match the performance and utility features, they are sure to pack them with. The very leak of these photos to public forces one to think about the possibilities that are going to happen. No one believes that these phone models were rigged up on the very day, Nokia Microsoft chose to make its announcement of partnership.  The immediate release just after the announcement is to show that the details of the venture had all been in place.

This partnership is planned to counter the tough competition both these giants are facing on their own turf. We are all aware of the market share Android or Apple iOS have captured and especially of the phenomenal sales of Android in recent months. In view of this Nokia decides to adopt Windows 7 of Microsoft as its main OS. It also has decided to shelve its Symbian OS in a phased manner.

The two companies are going to work in close partnership so as to face the competition from Android and iOS based devices, but Microsoft continues to make Windows Phone 7 available as licensed platform.

Will this partnership turn out to be a money spinner for both the parties? It is difficult to judge based on the cut-throat competition in smartphone segment and the challenge from formidable giants like Google and Apple. But for Nokia and Microsoft, this was the option they had to try their best to win the battle. Looking at the pretty pictures they released, one can feel that their pleasant look if matched by promised performance, the partnership has a great chance to succeed!

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