Nokia partners with Microsoft to take on Google and Apple

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Well, this news of an alliance between Nokia and Microsoft definitely tells us that the end to MeeGo and Symbian is not far away. The news was spread during early Friday, when an internal memo at Nokia written and circulated by CEO Stephen Elop was leaked and in which he used a metaphoric statement to describe the current state of Nokia’s smartphone business.

“Nokia’s precarious perch atop the wireless world could be compared to that of a man standing on a burning platform, with multiple explosions — the biggest coming from such runaway smartphone success as Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android OS — erupting all around. The only way to survive would be to leap into the “freezing water” below,” he said in the memo. Of course, by freezing water he metaphorically meant Microsoft’s up and coming Windows Phone. Now, this one is a no-kidder and definitely not a simple handshake between two stalwarts, in fact it is something real which is going to happen.

Change in Nokia’s Management

With this major development, there would definitely be a change in the manner in which Nokia would want to handle things. So, rumor has it that Nokia will divide its management into two sections. The first division would take care of the Smartphone market and would be responsible for the alliance between Nokia and Microsoft and also for the deployment of the new service, which could only happen after Symbian and MeeGo are on their way out. Speaking of which, the second responsibility of the Smartphone Section of Nokia is to ensure that the exit of Symbian and MeeGo is done in a smooth manner and also the transition of current Symbian users to Windows Phone be smooth too. The Second division will handle the remainder of the usual “Mobile Devices” business and ensure that Nokia is still amongst the top brands as far as mobile phones are concerned.

The Fate of Symbian and MeeGo

Well, it should take sometime for the alliance to kick off, but Symbian users can pretty much bid farewell to the OS as once the transition starts taking place, Symbian has to make an exit. However, till then, Nokia still plans on selling approximately 150 million Symbian phones to users and the latter plan is to transit them to their primary device – Windows Phone. The thing with MeeGo is that, the first phone is still not out and the doors are pretty much shut already. MeeGo is supposedly set to become an “open-source, mobile operating system project” focused on “longer-term market exploration of next-generation devices, platforms and user experience.” Hence, the first MeeGo phone out in the market will apparently be the last before it becomes an Open Source device.

Having said all this, it really is exciting to see if Nokia’s dream of capturing the Smartphone market and fight against two of the best Smartphones – Google Android and Apple iPhone, will come true or not. This absolutely is the best weaponry that Nokia could design to attack competition.

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