Facebook Helps in Boosting Self-Esteem Level: Study

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A new study says, “Facebook Allows You to Put Your Best Face Forward, Which Can Make You Feel Better about You”.

According to new study conducted by Cornel University researchers, Facebook like Social Networking sites are boosting the level of Self-Esteem in the individuals. Then next time when we lose faith, don’t look towards sky…..take a Facebook drive.

Researchers at the University concluded Social Networking sites are widely accessible these days, shown sign of Positive effects among human.

(Image Source: WATBLOG.com)

Few reasons mentioned below: (Facebook Point of View)

  • Facebook helps to put forward your “Face”, allowing you to filter out anything that will make you feel bad.
  • Facebook can portray your new image, no such biasing on real or imaginary scale.

“Unlike a mirror, which reminds us of whom we really are and may have a negative effect on self-esteem if that image does match with our ideal, Facebook can show a positive version of ourselves,” Jeffrey Hancock, PhD, one of the authors of the study, says in a prepared statement. “We’re not saying that it’s a deceptive version of self, but it’s a positive one.” ~ (Courtesy ~ WEBMD)

About Study:

Under this, University of Pennsylvania, signed up nearly 63 Cornell students to take part in experiments in the university’s Social Media Lab. Students Seated for experiment at computers showing their Facebook profiles or at computers that were turned off. Some of those at turned-off computers had mirrors to look at, and others didn’t. Students in the third group were encouraged to fiddle with their Facebook profiles. Here students on Facebook were allowed to spend three minutes perusing the page, exploring only their own profiles and linked tabs. Afterwards, students were given questions related to check Self Esteem level. Students, who looked at their Facebook profiles during the research time, had higher self-esteem than students in the groups where the computer was turned off. Students who viewed their Facebook profile but left their profile site during the study, reported lower self-esteem than students who especially viewed their own profile site.

Study replicates Facebook’s awareness image in the social channel. It will motivate good amount of Live (Active) users at Facebook. Users are actually able to enhance “awareness of the optimal self”. It shows importance of Social media in the physiological world.

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  1. interesting study findings…But yeah it helps to boost your confidence…

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