Intel takes aim at Smartphones

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Intel is famed as the inventor of microchips that have revolutionized the world like no other invention. The miniaturization of electronic circuitry due to microchips has made it possible to make innumerable applications.  Intel’s name became most recognized brand with Intel Inside logo stickers on all the personal computers.

Intel’s position has now been challenged by the fact that the new devices like handheld computers known as smartphones have outnumbered the personal computers. And these devices use the microchips made by other companies like Qualcomm, Marvell and Nvidia. These companies are now in a race to make the users know that it is their microchips that working inside these devices, just as Intel did in past with Personal computers.Smartphones are taking the space occupied by PCs as these devices are able to perform the tasks of regular full sized PCs. One more factor observed is that they are trying to make their devices more energy efficient that will give more battery life.

Ironically, the competition to achieve speed and energy efficiency has not had benefitted Intel, which has entered mobile space late. Though Intel had adopted its Atom processor on LG mobile phone it has shelved the plan to bring the product to market.

Analysts opine that the reasons for Intel’s hesitation to enter mobile market is due to the fact that Intel has not brought down the energy consumption required by its chips to the level required for smartphone levels offered by others. Intel chips would appear in mobile phones in a year. This may help Intel to establish its prominence in a field many had thought it will not succeed.

It is also to be noted that, Intel lost Anand Chandrashekhar, a 24 year Intel veteran left the company. He had long headed mobile related development division and was behind the successful Centrino product which is behind the Wi-Fi technology. It is not known whether Mr. Anand resigned voluntarily or was forced to leave, but it is seen that Intel lags behind in the efforts to catch up with the extraordinary explosive growth of smartphones in the recent years.  Many have expressed that somehow, Intel plans for mobile business are not following the success trail.

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