Social Ideation Platforms are helping turn Ideas to Innovations

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Social ideation is a new concept made possible with sharing of ideas on the model of social media but here the goals are somewhat different. It is a platform for sharing the innovative ideas. The object of sharing these ideas should be to bring these ideas into practical reality. With this intention in mind, AHHHA has launched free Social Ideation Platform. This promises that the ideas put forth by innovators will find prominent displays and they are open for others to ponder over these ideas and provide their own feedback or suggestions to make the idea more fruitful. Then the “crowd” can select the best of these calibrations and the platform makes it possible to monetize the innovation.

If you ever had a stroke of genius and brought a new idea, you can present the idea to be publicized by AHHHA. The site allows you to give descriptive text and images of your idea to be uploaded. Then it will be shared with Facebook Connect or YouTube.  It is possible to set the privacy level of sharing it. You can allow or deny the public access to your idea.

After the idea has been registered on AHHHA it is left to public to comment upon it, and vote it up or down.  Positive and negative inputs decide the potential success as assessed by the crowd.  There is an algorithm that takes care of the specification refining, proto typing and product development.

Of the people interested in the progress of the product from raw stage to successive refinements, are not only the people with interest to contribute to the success of the basic idea with their input, but also people looking these ideas as opportunity to invest.  If the product / idea gets monetized then the site apportions the amount receive by the creator of the idea and all those who provided inputs to improve the idea.  This is the idea behind the Social Ideation; how the idea shared among lot of interested people can be developed with sharing of ideas and the AHHHA platform engages in this activity and also ensures that those who take part in this new way of bringing ideas to reality get monetary benefits.

The company believes that this ushers in a new revolution in innovations coming from the ingenious people wherever they are, and these developments are no more will be planned and provided by Corporate world alone.

You can learn more on how the ideation works from the website

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