Social Networking Sites for Artists to Promote and Sell Art

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The stereotypical image of an artist leading a reclusive life, and hiding his artistic creations from the public eye, to be discovered ages after its creation, no longer holds true. In the present time of social networking and community building, even artists are not shying away from words like ‘selling’ and ‘marketing’, that seem alien to their subdued nature. Apart from the art-related groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, there are some exclusive art-oriented networking sites, where artists can maintain their online art gallery, network with other artists, and promote their work. Check out some of these social networking sites that you can join to connect with other artists, and discover remarkable collection of art from across the globe.


With over 13 million registered members and over 35 million unique visitors per month, deviantART is one of the largest online communities for artists and art enthusiasts. The site provides a platform for emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote, and share their works with the community of art lovers. The art works are organized under different categories like digital art, photography, traditional art, film and animation, cartoons and comics.You can upload your art, comment on other people’s work and user pages, and participate in conversations happening on different groups and forums. deviantArt has also got a good collection of stock images and tutorials on different topics like photography, traditional art, web design, digital art and more.


MyArtSpace is an online community dedicated to contemporary art. This site has a right mix of established artists, budding artists, art collectors, critics, curators and gallery owners, from across the world. Members can create their profiles, upload their work in the form of images, music, audio narration, video, and network with others in the community. You can also find lot of other interesting stuff on the site like in-depth interviews with established and emerging contemporary artists, art news, contests for the members, and a contemporary art newsletter that is distributed via email to the subscribers each day.

Behance Network

Behance Network was founded by Scott Belsky, with the goal of organizing the highly chaotic creative world. The site provides a networking platform for creative professionals across all industries, be it art, photography, writing, filmmaking or any other field. Members can create multi-media portfolios to showcase their work within the network, as well as on partner sites and organizations; and connect with others in the network. The site is also a job portal for creative professionals. Top creative companies and recruiters come to the network and find the best talent to hire. You would love Behance network’s 99 % Blog that provides articles written by experts on being more productive in creative tasks and bringing ideas to life.


You can be part of the ArtistSearch community, whether you’re a photographer, artist, musician, filmmaker, writer or a performer. The site allows you to create your own page with customized domain name, write blogs, upload artwork and build a network of friends, all while also getting paid for your work through donations from visitors. The artwork is classified under different categories in the artist directory, and by using the search option you can easily locate artists, just by typing in their name. Suffering from a creative block? Looking for some inspiration to spark ideas? Check out artist’s resources on ArtistSearch for tips on creating art and making a profitable business out of your artistic creations.


One of the popular online photo sharing platform, Flickr has some amazingly rich collection of photography and art, with a very enthusiastic community contributing it. The images are organized based on the type of license, and by using the search tab you can easily search for images that fall under a particular license.  The site also provides some interesting groups that members can join to interact with other others, and share their ideas.

Independent Collectors

Independent Collectors is a community designed for the collectors of contemporary art. As a collector you can create your own profile to upload and share your artworks, expand your art collection by browsing through the collection of artworks, and network with other collectors. There are several forums for collectors to share ideas and insights. The site also lists out art related events happening in different places.

Art Review

Art Review is an online art magazine featuring the latest contemporary art & photography news, details of art events, success stories of artists, and lot of other interesting stuff. Once you sign up, you can not only read the magazine, but also enjoy other features of the site that includes- an active online community, art blogs, videos and podcasts, discussion forums, and a calendar of art events. The site also allows artists to seek feedback and comments from the art lovers, and understand what kind of art they like.


This informative site has everything that you would be possibly searching for in the world of contemporary art.  The site is easy to navigate with all the information organized under different categories. Everyone in the community whether it’s artists, art organizations or art lovers, get a chance to showcase their work online.  Explore the ArtSlant site to gather information on art events, exhibitions, art galleries, art schools and job opportunities in the field. Read the art blogs and other resources on the site to spruce up your knowledge and skills.


Founded in 1996, Rhizome is a nonprofit working towards the use of internet and technology to provide artists more exposure, and sustain their growth and contribution to the field of art. The website is constantly updated with new art and valuable information like daily art news, details of art exhibitions & workshops.  You also receive a weekly newsletter by signing up for the site. Unpaid members can submit their work, while the paid members get advanced access to the website and have the ability to use a variety of other tools.


Asoboo is a free tool for all creative professionals. The site calls itself “The network of creative, internationally-minded people” and is a great place to meet lot of interesting people, and create groups to do some fun activity together. You can also create your own blog to promote your work and make it public so even non-Asoboo users can view it.

Online art galleries not only benefit artists, but also enable art aficionados to discover amazing collection of art, at the click of the mouse, without having to attend offline art exhibitions and events.

Image Courtesy of Corbis, Mika


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