The Pros and Cons of social networking

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Not many may have foreseen the outreach of social media as we see it today. Just like a coin with two sides, our addictive social networking  sites come with their share of highs and lows. Read on to know our take on the pros and cons of social networking.


The mere concept of keeping in touch with all your friends on a single platform is intriguing. You can search a friend with whom you’ve lost contact or create different groups to keep in touch with school/college friends and office colleagues simultaneously. You can form private groups where you can dicscuss various important aspects in the comfort of your room. As you are constantly connected to your respective groups, it helps in more reunions and casual meets which otherwise seems a difficult task.

Besides friends, social networks help bind distinct people and varied cultures with a common interest. People start interacting on the basis of some common factors which could be anything from music to science and faith. It allows connecting to numerous people concurrently.

Social media is a new form of socializing rather its socializing in a more convenient way. Members can spill out their feelings whether enjoyable or saddened. Sharing images you have clicked just hours before with a friend on a distant corner of the world is made possible. Users can also upload videos, quotes and so on.

Social networks are explored as a significant marketing and advertising platforms. Creating a company page and reaching a desired consumer base is made simple. It creates an interactive atmosphere and one can find access to information instantly. Conducting polls and surveys further helps. Celebs, events, NGOs and so on promote their on-goings using these platforms.

Keeping in touch gets cost effective with social networks. Moreover, social networks which bring the world closer could be educative and inspiring too.


Though you can stay connected with numerous people, it is very difficult to know who is genuine and who isn’t.

Identity theft and fraudulent activities can be used by malicious people on these sites.

Money swindlers can take advantage of customers by creating a fraud business page.

Teenagers could gain access to censored content as there is no proper censorship method used while they may also make wrong friends. Moreover, getting the social board in a single page view seems cool but it could keep you glued to your desk for hours.

Weighing the pros and cons, it’s debatable to decide if social networks are amicable or not. However, a sound mind and the capability to distinguish the right from wrong seems a great way to deal with the factors/people that don’t seem genuine on social networks.

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