Social Games are getting more Real

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Social media games are not just for fun and entertainment, these days. They are developed with a serious goal in mind, and can have a tangible impact on our real life. Tapping into the current trend of social gaming, the hospitality giant Marriott International has come up with a Facebook game to fill 50,000 jobs openings, worldwide, by the end of this year. The game is developed with the intention of generating interest in hospitality careers, and giving gamers a glimpse of what it takes to manage a hotel.

“As Marriott expands in growth markets outside the U.S., and as we seek to attract more Millennials – those between the ages 18 and 27 – to our workforce, we must find new ways to interest them in hospitality careers. This game allows us to showcase the world of opportunities and the growth potential attainable in hospitality careers, especially in cultures where the service industry might be less established or prestigious.” says David Rodriguez, Marriott International’s executive vice president of global human resources.

The Facebook game called My Marriott Hotel, is similar to the popular Farmville and Cityville games. Gamers begin by managing a virtual hotel restaurant kitchen, buying equipments and ingredients, hiring and training employees, and serving guests. Players then earn points if they  perform well by keeping the customers happy, and lose points for unsatisfactory service. They are also rewarded when their operation turns a profit. My Marriott Hotel is available in different languages such as English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Mandarin.

Watch this video to see how this game works.

More and more social games are being developed, with a worthwhile goal in mind. Breakthrough, a global human rights organization, for instance, developed its popular Facebook  game America 2049 to spread social awareness and empower individuals to bring about a positive change in the society.

With the social gaming market flourishing at a rapid pace, social networkers and brands are using this medium to market their brands, achieve significant goals of the company, and are constantly exploring innovative ways to use the idea of gaming.

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