Brother Rapes His Sister Video: Facebook Scam

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We are seeing series of scam on Facebook. Few days ago, there was a scam called, “Facebook to start charging this summer”. Now, today we are seeing another scam on Facebook.

Brother Rapes His Sister” scam is doing the round on Facebook. Some explicit photos with different external links are being posted on Facebook wall. Here’s the latest scam that is spreading rapidly across the social networking giant Facebook.

OMG: BROTHER rapes his sister – Shocking Video


Play this shocking Video! She was hurting for days, and could not walk!

OMG Brother rapes  sister

This scam is widely spreading on Facebook by users choosing to click on the link. Well, as title says, ‘brother rapes his sister’, People becomes curious and they want to see a video of a boy raping his own sister. But after clicking that link, unknowingly that link will be posted on their friends’ wall. And if someone clicks on that link, then it will be posted automatically to other’s wall as well. Moreover such links might content malware, and can hack your account too.

My homepage is flooded with such scam messages. Well, my suggestion is that; do not click on any suspicious links on Facebook. Be careful when such link claims something unusual. If you see such message on your wall, just remove/report that post immediately.

Image: kirkyskreations

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