Facebook’s Awesome Launch- Skype-Powered Video Chat

by on July 4th, 2011

Facebook is feeling threatened after all the Google+ frenzy among social networkers. The site tried to grab the limelight again, by announcing that it’s going to launch an awesome product.  There are speculations that the awesome something is Skype-powered video chat built directly into Facebook.

Facebook will launch a new video chat product, powered by Skype that works in the browser. The product which has been built on Skype will include a desktop component.  However, it’s not clear if the Skype feature on Facebook would need additional software to be downloaded, or would just require Skype to be installed on the computer. However, it’s clear that, there’s a very deep integration between the products, and it would be an in-browser experience for the users, reports  Tech Crunch.

Facebook has more than 750 million active users and Skype has 170 million users currently. The partnership would benefit Skype in a big way. The voice and video chat option would further add to the features of Facebook and make the site more interactive. Google plus has also got a similar built-in group video chat feature called “Hangout”. Facebook and Skype’s video chat or Google+ ‘s hangout- we have to wait and watch, to see which one grabs more users.