Google Plus Double Standards For Business Pages, WHY?

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Google has warned  social networkers not to create business profiles on Google, a few weeks ago. And from today, Google has started to remove non-human pages. i.e. Business Pages. Well, it’s alright that Google has finally started to delete Business Pages on Google+; but surprisingly some business pages re-appeared, and Google allowed them to stay on Google+.


Search Engine Land reportsGoogle Removes Mashable, Sesame Street & Other Prominent Accounts from Google Plus”. But Oh, No! Mashable, Ford, The Next Web and several other business pages are still live on Google. Not to wonder those pages were backed up by Google itself.

Two weeks ago, Christian Oestlien of Google asked users to sign up for business page, and warned users not to put a Google+ Profile for business pages. Well, we are waiting for Google+ official business page, however other brands such as Ford Motors, Mashable, Search Engine Land, Seasame Street, The Next Web, MTV India, Naked Security etc had created their business page on Google+, despite Google’s warning.

Sh*t happened this morning, Google suspended some brands’ business pages. Yes, Google shut down Mashable News, Ford Motors, Search Engine Land, Seasame and some more other pages. But I’m seeing some pages again re-appearing on Google+. Mashable and Ford have had their Google+ pages reinstated. Business pages like, Search Engine Land, Seasame and some other business pages are still in coma.

Mashable News changed their name to ‘Pete Cashmore’, Ford Motor Company wrote ‘Test Account’ on their profile photo. ‘Pete Cashmore’  already had his account with 40K followers, and now he will be operating Mashable News which has 100K followers.


TechCrunch reports, they asked Google+ Product manager Vic Gundotra about the reinstated business pages of Mashable and Ford on Google. Vic Gundotra said, “probably a mistake” according to TechCrunch. Oh! C’mon Google don’t fool us.

Here I’d like to share the thoughts of Alexia Tsotsis from TechCrunch. On TechCrunch she wrote, “Using the Pete Cashmore switchover as an example, Gundotra says that Cashmore recognized that he made a “mistake,” and that’s why he changed the Mashable profile to Pete Cashmore; But, wait Cashmore already had a Google+ profile with 40K followers when he was allowed to switch the Mashable account (and its over 100K followers) to his personal one. So now Pete Cashmore has two (!) personal accounts. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound at all like ‘complying with the rules’ to me”.

After reinstating the profile of Pete Cashmore (Formerly known as Mashable News) wrote, ‘We chatted with the Google+ team today about their plans for branded accounts, and we’ve both agreed that while the Mashable community is very engaged on Google+ and we all have great fun joining discussions here, it would be better for Mashable to wait for branded profiles to launch officially before having a company presence on here”, on Google+.

And at this point it’s not fair. Google allows some company to create business page on Google+. No doubt, Google+ helps to drive traffic to our website. But why is Google showing double standards in this case? When we talk about non-human pages on Google, you might not believe but Google operates nearly 8 non-human profiles on Google+.

Editor of Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan on his Google+ profile revealed, “For your consideration, eight business profiles operated by Google itself, proudly listed within Google’s public relations area. Google Profiles were never “human only” until three weeks ago, when the field trail of Google+ caused all these preexisting profiles from Google itself and others to suddenly have “outlaw” status”.

I think, at first Google has snatched down business page of Sophos’ security blog ‘Naked Security’ two weeks ago. On 7th July Graham Cluely has written, “Ouch! Google+ zapped our Naked Security page. I wonder if big brands like Ford and Mashable will be next? Hopefully Google will introduce a way for organizations like Naked Security to have a Google+ presence” on his Google+ profile. TechCrunch also reports, their one Google+ profile where they used to share their TechCrunch story was shut down by Google. They wrote, “Google just took a bat to the knees of Techathew”.

My take is that, since Google has reinstated Mashable profile in the name of Pete Cashmore. Google should reinstate other business profiles that were forcefully shut down. Or else, Google should shutdown all the business pages, even Pete Cashmore and Ford Motors. Hey! Google don’t be an evil!!!


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