Google Plus Hits 20 Million Users; India Second Largest Country

by on July 25th, 2011 10

When Google launched their new social network Google Plus, they may not have thought Google Plus will get 20 Million Users within three weeks.

Web-traffic watcher company comScore estimates Google has had 20 million users, including 5 million users from US,  and 2.85 million users from India in its early beta stage. According to comScore’s data India is the second largest country to use Google plus.

UK, Canada, and Germany are listed as top 5 countries. Google plus has 0.87 million users in UK, 0.86 million in Canada and 0.71 million in Germany. Previously Asian country such as Nepal, Sri Lanka are listed with in Top 5 countries.

Now, I’m wondering when Google Plus will beat Facebook in-terms of users.

Google Plus Hits 20 Million Users