Govind Tiwari Trends Worldwide on Twitter; But Who is He?

by on July 19th, 2011 99

Govind Tiwari became trending topic worldwide on Twitter, this afternoon. He might still be unaware of the fact that he’s trending on Twitter.

Govind Tiwari Blog

Now, I feel Twitter is a crazy place. Govind is trending because of his blog’s design, but there is nothing to see on his blog, besides his blinking photo. Let’s find out more about this.

Why is Govind Tiwari Trending Worldwide on Twitter? Govinda Tiwari Trending on Twitter

It’s hard to believe but Govind Tiwari of Allahabad is trending on Twitter because of his blog. But, his blog doesn’t have any readable content and you can just find images, flashing everywhere.

Govind  has posted his photo on the blog with some multimedia effects. In addition you are also greeted by a background music. You can see stars flashing in the background, the earth revolving on the right side and his eyes blinking  in the images on the left side.

On the blog header, you can see his photo with the  name ‘Govind Tiwari’. He has also posted some videos on the blog. Interestingly, he has also disabled right click, and it says “Sorry, no right-clicking allowed.

Here are some of the tweets about Govind on Twitter.

Govind Tiwari Trending Topic on Twitter

Who is Govind Tiwari?

I don’t know much about Govind Tiwari but through his blog I came to know that he is an Orkuterian. On his blog he wrote, “I am Govind Tiwari from Allahabad. I am on Orkut for making good friend. You can send friend request on Orkut.” And it seems he has taken some type of Multimedia training or web designing.

I discovered his Orkut profile and I also managed to find a LinkedIn profile named Govind Tiwari. If it’s his original profile on LinkedIn, then he is a student of Uttar Pradesh Technical University. He is on twitter too, but he has only tweeted once.

govind tiwari twitter trendsIt’s kind of weird that Govind Tiwari is  trending on Twitter, because of his blog’s unusual design. After seeing  the flood of  tweets about him, all we can say is that social media is the shortcut to fame and has the power to make anyone a Star.