Growth of Google Plus Vs Twitter Vs Facebook; Google+ Got 10 Million Users Just in 16 Days [STAT]

by on July 22nd, 2011 6

In its early stage, search giant Google’s social network Google Plus is gaining popularity. Google Plus has more than 18 million users and it is expected that within a week it will have 20 million users worldwide.

On Google+, Technowizard Leon Haland has shared an interesting graph which shows the growth of Google, Facebook and Twitter. Twitter got 10 million users in 780 days (2.13 years), Facebook got 10 million users in 852 days (2.33 years) whereas Google Plus gained 10 million users just in 16 days (2 weeks). Google Plus is  growing exponentially and becoming popular among users.

google plus growth

Graph by Leon Haland Data by Paul Allen