How Automobile Companies can leverage Social Media?

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I am quite sure that every consumer has at least gone through some dilemma in deciding which automobile brand to go for. Even after the brand decision is made, consumers are still confused with which model to go for. This is because automobile is a product that the consumer would use for some years, which is particularly true in a developing nation like India where a consumer generally use a single car for  some years before he/she can switch to a new model. In marketing jargon, this kind of behavior shown by consumers before buying a product is known as complex buying behavior. Consumers would go through a series of buying behavior before finally deciding which brand and model to buy.

Social Media is the right medium for automobile companies to engage with customers and make their buying behavior simpler and faster. Customers will have lots of queries on the available models, features and benefits amongst many other things. To address such queries, Companies should have a good feedback mechanism. For instance, Maruti Suzuki has a dedicated Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel for its different model of cars so customers can have a better clarity of which model to go for without creating much confusion. Automobile companies can also leverage social media to access the sentiments of customers and engage especially with dissatisfied customers proactively.

Simplify360 conducted a study to find out which Automobile Companies are actively using social media and leveraging its power for its business growth. Only 4 wheeler automobile and Indian subsidiaries are considered for this study. Check out some of the findings of this study:

• Maruti Suzuki is the most active Automobile Company in India using social media, followed by Volkswagen. Interestingly, Maruti Suzuki also has the highest number of social media profiles along-with Toyota – 15 profiles.
• Ford received the highest number of mentions and conversations in the social media – it received 215852 mentions in a span of 1 month.
• Maruti Suzuki is the most hated brand whereas Honda Siel is the most loved brand. 25.88% of the conversations about Maruti Suzuki are negative mentions and 54.07% positive mentions while Honda Siel received 77.56% positive mentions and 10.5% negative mentions
• The brand patronage for Maruti Suzuki is quite different from the other brands being considered. Maruti Suzuki is talked about mostly by people in the age group of 26-35 while Ford, Honda and Audi are talked about by people in the age group of 18-25

To know more about this study, you can have a look at this SlideShare presentation.

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