People Say that LinkedIn is the Most Important Social Network : Report

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59% of the people feel that LinkedIn is the most important Social Network, says a report from Publicis, the performance marketing agency owned by Publicis Groupe.

The study found that more than 50% respondents with an active LinkedIn account visit the site at least weekly and 20 percent visit the site at least daily. The percentage of people who consider LinkedIn the most important social networking site has jumped dramatically from 41 percent last year to 59 percent this year.

The study also showed some interesting changes in human behavior in the use of Social Media.

Here are some key findings of the study.

  • People recommend companies and buy products they follow: among active Twitter users who follow at least one company, 59 percent are more likely to recommend a company they follow, and 58 percent are more likely to buy a product they follow
  • Comparison shopping is prevalent: 59 percent use social networks to compare prices; 56 percent do so to talk about sales or specials
  • People are split about getting and giving advice: Half of respondents use social networks to give (50 percent) and get (50 percent) advice about products/services, companies or brands on social networking sites
  • Personal referrals wield power: 60 percent are at least somewhat likely to take action when a friend posts something about a product/service, company or brand

This clearly shows how companies and brands can capitalize on new social media marketing opportunities. It mainly shows how the purchasing decisions of people are influenced by social media channels.

My take on this

I have serious doubts about LinkedIn being the most important profile for individuals in general. But in case of business folks, it certainly is. So I can clearly see a sampling bias.

On the consumer behavior, I tend to agree with this report. I follow the the brands of my choice on Twitter and Like them on Facebook, thereby promoting them inadvertently. The promotion is not intentional, but a natural tendency to support the brands that I personally like.

What’s your take? Is LinkedIn the most important social networking site for you?

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