Facebook and Twitter showed the Highest Number of Visits in July

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In spite of Google+’s growing popularity, Facebook and Twitter are still going strong. According to the data released by ComScore, this Friday, the two social networking sites saw the highest number of visitors in July.

Facebook was ranked fourth in the most visited Web sites in the U.S., after Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. The social network had 162 million unique visitors. Compared with 145 million users in July last year, its traffic has grown by more than 11 percent.

Twitter was ranked 34 and saw 32.8 million people visiting the site in July, compared with 24.8 million in last July. This shows a 32 percent increase in traffic.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn showed a drop in the number of visitors from 33.9 million visitors in June this year to 32.5 million visitors in July.

Google+ was not separately listed in the report but the Google sites were generally the most visited sites and most likely the latest social network Google+ was responsible for the huge traffic. The Google sites were ranked no.1 and showed 182.2 million visitors. Earlier this year, ComScore reported that Google+ has seen 25 million visitors through July 24. It is one of the fastest growing website adding 1 million users every day and has outshined Facebook, which took three years to grab 25 million people, and Twitter, that took more than 30 months to reach that level.

While Google Plus is growing rapidly, Facebook and Twitter haven’t lost the battle yet and would continue to fight for the no.1 position in the months to come.


19 Flares Twitter 11 Facebook 6 LinkedIn 2 Email -- 19 Flares ×