Anonymous Group launches a new Tool for Hijacking Twitter Trends

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The Anonymous group of online activists has released a new Twitter tool that allows people to hijack trending topics on Twitter and tweet messages within them, the group stated on its site.

This new software called URGE (for Universal Rapid Gamma Emitter), is available for download on Windows computers and needs .Net Framework 4 to work. According to the Anonymous members, the tool is created mainly to allow people to tweet faster without copying and pasting constantly, and is not a hacking tool or an exploit tool.

Anonymous members state that they are annoyed with all the redundant and “pop culture” topics that often trend on Twitter and that they want to draw more attention to topics that “actually serve a cause.”

“This was pathetic in our eyes, and we could not stand by and take it anymore. We have developed a program called “U.R.G.E. Universal Rapid Gamma Emitter (twitter edition)”which hijacks trending topics of our choice and lets us tweet messages within them”, the online activist group wrote on its blog.

U.R.G.E. is apparently designed to raise awareness of the problems going on in this world and show people what the real problems are. To spread its message the group is planning to distribute this program amongst its Anonymous members and also make it available for others to use it.


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