Asia-Pacific leads the World in Mobile Penetration

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There is no doubt that the Technology and Mobile market is growing rapidly in Asian countries. But, a recent study done by Google and Ipsos found that Asia-Pacific leads the world in mobile usage and penetration, surpassing even the U.S. market.

The report titled Smartphone Research on Mobile Internet and Market Trends, studied 30 markets globally and 11 markets in Asia-Pacific. The region as a whole was found to have the highest mobile phone penetration in the world and mobile users were more willing to use their mobile phones to shop and play.

Here are some of the interesting findings of the study:

  • All 11 of the Asia-Pacific markets studied had higher overall phone penetration than the US.
  • 4 of the 11 Asia-Pacific markets surveyed had a higher smartphone penetration than the US (31 per cent). These markets included Singapore (62 per cent), Australia (37 per cent), Hong Kong (35 per cent) and urban China (35 per cent).
  • Consumers in Asia-Pacific (except Australia and Malaysia) found their smartphone more interesting than TV surpassing those in the US.
  • Japanese, Korean and Singaporean consumers use their smartphones more intensely than their US counterparts. They email more, search more and share more videos. However, other markets in Asia are still lagging behind the US in terms of their smartphones usage to search, social network and share videos. This may, however, change in the future as more and more mobile users shift to high-end smartphones.
  • Mobile users in Southeast Asia are the most avid online shoppers. Those in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia are more likely to have made a purchase on their phone than US users.
  • Mobile users in these developing countries were also found to use more apps than those in developed countries across the world. The study reveals that 39 per cent of US and UK consumers, and 45 of Japanese consumers, intend to use more apps in the future, whereas over 60 per cent of Malaysian, Thai and Indian consumers, and 59 per cent of Indonesian consumers, intend to do so.

This study comes as good news for mobile companies in Asia and speaks about the countless opportunities that western companies have in this region. With more and more internet users shifting to mobile platforms, mobile advertising is also expected to grow and advance over years.


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