#Occupy Wall Street : Biggest US Revolution Powered by Social Media

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Within few months of London Riots powered by Blackberry Messenger, Twitter and Facebook, US is facing a revolution that is bringing

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huge mass to the protest. The protest has no leader, no agenda but just have a voice that enough is enough. The protesters are complaining about corporate greed and the high linkage of politics with business. Most of the folks do not see any solution but just believe that something is wrong.

I tracked the Social conversations happening regarding this movement with keywords #occupy, #WallStreet, #occupywallstreet, “occupy wall street”. The results show a huge volume with mixed intentions. Most people seem supportive of the movement, while a minority see it otherwise.

I just hope that people take the revolution peacefully as it is seen so far, and they keep working hard as they have always done. Most nations have failed when the middle class got politicized and stop working.

The movement has interesting and thought provoking slogans like “We are the 99%”, “Government for the people”, “End corporate greed”, “End money in Politics” etc. The slogans is targeted at bringing the middle class together, and some experts believe that even if this movement does not result in any change it has united the large divided Middle Class Americans.

I used Brand Monitoring tool Simplify360 to track the Social Conversations, which includes Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, News, Discussion forums and videos, to see how folks are using Social Media. Here are my findings.

1. Average 50k mentions everyday for last 10 days

2. Twitter remains the largest channel and US folks involved the most

More than 340 mentions in Twitter from the United States. Other nations with good number of mentions are Canada and Australia.

3. Predominately powered by the Youth

The movement is mostly represented by people between the age 26 and 35, followed by 36 to 45 and 18 to 25.

4. Talks in all major Social Channels

This data is for one week, and it shows the intensity grown from last to last week and last week but it has slowed down today. The movement might have picked last week and its on the process of dying.

The occupy Wall Street movement had 1782 blog articles in past week against 3438 news articles, which shows that main line media actually supported the Wall Street movement against the claim made otherwise. Interestingly there were 1305 videos being created last week.

Full Disclosure: Simplify360 is owned by InRev Systems, owner of this blog Buzzom.

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