Facebook agrees to make privacy changes to the site

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Following an in-depth audit conducted by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, Facebook has agreed to make a number of changes to its services, improve transparency, and better protect the personal information of its users outside of the US.

Facebook’s international headquarters is based in Dublin, Ireland. This means that the social networking giant is required to comply with European data privacy laws, that are more stringent than those that apply in the United States.

According to the Associated Press, Facebook has agreed to make changes to the site that includes – reworking its policies of retaining and deleting private data, reducing the amount of information collected about people who are not logged into Facebook, and asking European users if they wanted to partake in Facial Recognition.

“Facebook has committed to either implement, or to consider, other ‘best practice’ improvements recommended by the data protection commissioner. Meeting these commitments will require intense work over the next six months,” the company stated.

Ireland’s data protection commissioner regularly audits high-tech companies in the country, to ensure that their practices comply with the European law, and make recommendations to help them to meet those standards. The object of the audit, is not to decide whether there is a breach of law, but rather help an organization achieve full compliance with law.


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