Google launches a localized version of YouTube in Colombia

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Now Colombians have their own localized version of YouTube. Colombia follows Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico as the fourth Latin American country to have its own local YouTube.

“Starting today, Colombians will have a localized YouTube( to show the world their creativity, talent, and ingenuity. With a local version of YouTube, Colombians will now be able to more easily discover content and share local talent from within their country,” Susana Pabon, Communication Manager for Google wrote on the company blog.

Apart from letting users watch local videos, the YouTube Colombia will also have economic implications, especially for those who create videos. Users with the most watched or popular videos can apply for  YouTube’s partner program, which provides economic benefits to more than 20,000 content developers worldwide.

YouTube now has a localized version for over 35 countries around the world. The video sharing platform also launched an exclusive South Korean pop channel early this last month to help spread the Korean music and expand its presence in South Korea.


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