Google launches YouTube Slam, a new tool to compare and rate videos

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Google has just rolled out a new tool to encourage users to discover and watch more videos on YouTube.

The tool called YouTube Slam, allows users to compare two videos and rate them. Designed by a team of developers within Google Research, this new tool places videos in five different categories including Comedy, Cute, Music, Bizarre and Dance. Every week, YouTube Slam will feature new selection of videos, under each category.

By clicking on a category of your choice, you can watch the two competing videos. You can vote for the videos by clicking the blue voting button underneath the videos. The top 10 videos with maximum number of votes, under each category, get featured on the Slam leaderboard under the “Top Videos” section.  The leaderboard also lists out the active voters under the “Top Voters” section. By using the “Play All” feature users can  play continuously all the top ten videos in each category.

So, do you think YouTube Slam adds to the fun of watching videos on YouTube?


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