Yahoo strengthens its integration with Facebook

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Yahoo is further strengthening its integration with Facebook. The company that launched the Facebook-sharing option on its main news section three months ago, has now announced that it would be extending the feature to 26 other parts of Yahoo’s site, including U.S.-based entertainment experiences omg!, Yahoo! TV, Yahoo! Movies, and Yahoo! Games. By opting-in to the new feature, people can easily let their Facebook friends know what they’re reading on Yahoo.

“As the world’s most popular online news destination, Yahoo! News delivers the most compelling content on the Web through a combination of local editors, advanced technologies, and now, your friends. In just three months, we’ve seen traffic from Facebook to Yahoo! News in the U.S. increase by 300%, so we’re excited to extend this social activation to more of our worldwide content sites,” Blake Irving, Yahoo’s chief product officer said in a company press release.

A new social feature called ‘Notifications’ has also been launched for the users in the U.S. The feature alerts people to social conversations and other activity on Yahoo, such as feedback on reviews, responses to comments, and news alerts. Notifications is integrated on top of almost all Yahoo pages.

Facebook continues to rule the social networking world, and Yahoo is struggling to survive in the market. By tying its services to Facebook, the company plans to drive more people to its websites.



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