YouTube acquires New York based Copyright Management company RightsFlow

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YouTube has acquired the New York based company RightsFlow, that manages royalty payments for songwriters and performers , for an undisclosed amount.

“YouTube has had a longstanding commitment to solving the really tough challenges around online copyright—how to manage content rights in a quickly evolving technology world. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired RightsFlow, a New York-based company that helps songwriters, recording artists, record labels, distributors and online music services manage music rights,” YouTube Product Manager, David King, wrote on the company blog.

The financial terms of the deals are not disclosed. The acquisition of RightsFlow would help YouTube to license music more efficiently.

“By combining RightsFlow’s expertise and technology with YouTube’s platform, we hope to more rapidly and efficiently license music on YouTube, meaning more music for you all to enjoy, and more money for the talented people producing the music,” King adds.

The news of RightsFlow purchase comes after Google’s settled the four-year copyright-infringement battle with National Music Publishers Association , over the unauthorized use of music videos on YouTube, in August this year.


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