YouTube to boost viewership by adding new channels and launching service in new devices

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YouTube aims to increase its viewership by bringing it to an array of connected devices, and by adding new content to the site.

“The next challenge for the popular service, which already has 800 million viewers a month, is to make YouTube a more central part of these viewers’ lives. What we want is for viewers to spend more time on YouTube,” Robert Kyncl, YouTube vice president in charge of content partnerships, told Reuters in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Kyncl also stated that by leveraging different gadgets that come with Internet access,YouTube can reach out to more consumers.

“We’re a huge benefactor of what consumer electronics companies are doing with their devices, which is building Internet connectivity into them. It’s allowing us to get in front of more consumers,” he added.

According to Kyncl, YouTube already works on about 350 million devices, including tablets, phones and televisions. On mobile phones alone, consumers look at half a billion YouTube videos every day.

YouTube revamped its website this year, customizing the content to match the interests of the users.  It is also forging new partnerships with content providers to expand the site’s offerings. Out of the 500 content provider proposals YouTube received last year, the site has signed on about 100 partners, with whom it shares advertising revenue, according to the reports.



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