Google brings more options to Google+ Badges

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Google launched Google+ badges in November last year, to help brands drive more traffic to their pages; and allow users to +1 pages, and add pages to their circles, without leaving the site.

Today, the search giant has rolled out more options, that enable brands to choose and integrate the Google+ badge that suits their website the best.

“Starting today in developer preview (and soon available to all your users), we’re adding more options for integrating the Google+ badge into your website. You can configure a badge with a width that fits your site design and choose a version that works better on darker sites,” Google writes in the post.

The badges include the unified +1 and circle count available on Pages.

The search giant claims that on an average, the top sites using the badge got 38% more followers than the ones that did not use the tool.

“When you add the badge visitors to your website can discover your Google+ page and connect in a variety of ways: they can follow your Google+ page, +1 your site, share your site with their circles, see which of their friends have +1’d your site, and click through to visit your Google+ page,” Google points out.

So, have you been using a Google+ badge on your website? Did it boost your site traffic in any way? Do share your ideas in the comments.

Don’t have Google+ badge yet? You can get one from here.

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