Google Search gets more ‘Social and Personal’

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Google’s Social network Google+ might not help the company make it big in the world of social networking, considering most of us still use Facebook more than Google+, to connect with friends and family. However, Google+ would hopefully help the search giant improve its search engine and personalize it to the needs of each user.

Google has just announced that the company is rolling out new features, that would make its search engine more social, with results customized to the needs of each user.

“We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships. We began this transformation with Social Search, and today we’re taking another big step in this direction by introducing three new features,” the search giant wrote on its official blog.

Here are the 3 new features of the Google Search:

Personal Results

Google Search now displays Google+ posts and photos related to info you search online. These include both your own posts and those shared by your friends publicly and privately with you.  So, you can now see a nice mix of personal results with results from the web on the search page. To search only for info your world, click on the link at the top of the results page (red arrow) for the option.

People and Pages
Now it’s easy to find People and Pages via Google search. Just typing the first few letters of the person’s name brings up a personalized profile prediction in autocomplete. Selecting a predicted profile takes you to the results page of the person, which includes information from their Google+ profile and relevant web results that may be related to them.

Similarly, if you search for a topic like music or art, you will see prominent people who frequently discuss this topic on Google+ appearing on the right-hand side of the results page. You can connect with them on Google+, and discover a whole lot of new communities online.

More Secure Search

The information you find in search results, including Google+ posts and private photos, are already secured by SSL encryption on Google+, and now even the results page have the same level of security and privacy protection, Google writes. This means when you’re signed in to Google, your search results—including your private content—are protected by the same high standards of encryption as your messages in Gmail.

Google also lets you control the info that people see online. So, you can mark the results as Public, Limited or Only you. Additionally, people in your results are clearly marked with the Google+ circle they are in, or as suggested connections. There is also a prominent new toggle on the upper right of the results page where you can see what your search results look like without personal content. With a single click, you can see an un-personalized view of search results.

The new  ‘Search plus Your World’ as Google calls it, will become available over the next few days to people who are signed in and searching on in English.

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